The reason why violence against women is increasing

Violence against women is an epidemic in the entire world and the victim can be a woman of any age. The most common form of violence is domestic violence that not only involves two individuals but it involves the whole family. The two people can either be male or female and even women who are educated and wealthy can face domestic violence at some point of their lives. Violence is most commonly inflicted by men as they have a feeling of superiority. There are a large number of women who are beaten by men, beaten to death and brutalized by men. Domestic violence never sees the religious, racial, educational and socio economic boundaries. It can either be learned or unlearned and thus it is very important for every woman to identify the different forms of abuse that they have to face in their day to day lives.


There are many programs for helping prevent violence against women so that it can change the rising statistics. Generally this domestic violence is caused due to reinforcement or learning rather than genetics or biology. This behavior is generally learned by observing the behavior of others. There are people who learns this behavior if they themselves have been subjected to this violence while other learns this behavior if they have witnessed someone abusing a woman in front of them. The reason why men become abusive is because they grow up in home where their father or even their step father was violent. A boy becomes aggressive because of his experience as a child.


Violence against women are found mostly in intimate relationship as it is considered as a social problem that is supported and condoned by the traditions and customs of a particular society. There are many video and internet games which show men to be more aggressive and dominant as compared to females which make them feel superior to women. Boys are mostly taught to be arrogant and irresponsible which has been increasing rapidly. It is considered as a medical problem that needs to be dealt with as men are becoming violent against women and it is very important to stop it. The reason of the violent behavior of men should assess rather than diagnosing and treating them with medications. They have been violent because they have been exposed and traumatized because of abuse and violence at home. Domestic violence has increased immensely because men consider it to be a solution to show their anger and there is no legal consequence of this violence.

23 May 2014

Astonishing Facts About U.S. Military Violence Against Women


Are you aware of the kind of protection offered to the women in the modern world ruled by digital technology? Sadly, the situations remain the same like they were several centuries before. Male chauvinists refuse to heed in the rightful demand of women to provide them with equal rights on par with men. Numerous assurances are made across the world even in the U.S. as well, but no effective steps are being taken in order to ensure that it is made into a reality. Harsh oppressors will swing into full action whenever there is a slightest instance of women protesting for her rights. The situation remains the same across any country in the world.

Bringing In The Much Needed Change For Good

Social networking websites always voice for women so that they could be protected to a maximum extent. However, there are situations during which women are known to face severe wrath at the hands of officials as well. Though it might appear to be unbelievable, the actual fact is that numerous women have faced humiliation at the hands of the powerful U.S. military for no reason. There are numerous instances during which the human rights commission has intervened as well in order to provide women with the legal support needed in claiming their rights in an effective manner.

Harsh Behavior And Cruel Intentions Of U.S. Military

Several people were with the U.S. military personnel when news first broke out thinking that it was a defamation act. However, the entire world shook in disgrace after enough proof was submitted in this regard. Those gory video footages and audio tapes reflect the other side of U.S. military that the world has ever known. The situations were terrible in the war torn countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. With the successive governments failing to take any action in this regard, the problem has reached to the core due to which best results are not available for sure.

Classic Instances Of The U.S. Army Carrying Out Mayhem

Starting from the 1991 tail hook scandal, there are numerous incidents during which are meted out bad conduct. Women are abused in a foul language and touched at inappropriate places apart from being showed with sexual advances. Harsh punishment was in store for all those who retaliated or avoided such immoral acts. Various footages that are circulated across video networking websites online have left the army shameful. Women organizations have been demanding for the taking up of strict action against all of those involved.

Learning More About U.S. Military Violence Against Women

Isolated cases such as the one involving three U.S. returning military personnel who killed their wives in a fit of rage must never be allowed to be repeated. Providing enough counseling sessions for the concerned people is very much important because of which best results are experienced on an overall. This proactive approach will allow the concerned authorities in taking up suitable action against women so that the situation could never be deteriorated further. As far as women are considered, it is necessary that they stay informed such atrocities for sure.

24 Apr 2014

The most beautiful woman’s health tips

24Sophia Loren gives us the deepest impression is that her super hot figure, and very strong self-confidence. When she debut, many photographers think her nose is too long, hip is too big, and if not plastic, would be a dead-end actor. However, she was not to be swayed and she told the director who requested her to do plastic surgery , she said: “I want to keep my own character, I don’t want to change yourself because of others’ opinions.”

26Is precisely relies on this kind of extremely strong self-confidence, Sophia Loren touched the director, then touched fans around the world, finnally become a sexy stars along with Marilyn Monroe.

Over 60, she now is still glorious. As one of the judges of a world beauty pageant, she revealed three health tips to the audience.

Article 1, fasting, detoxification.

Every two days to eat a pineapple which contains enzymes can promote the metabolism to keep the body fit. Lida DaiDaihua Slimming Capsule is a famous brand of weight loss in the market. Fasting for two days every 3 months, only eat fresh fruit, drink the juice contains no sugar in these two days. So it can “clean” the digestive system, enhance the effect of resistance.

Article 2, dumbbell 10 minutes

Sophia Loren practice for 10 minutes dumbbells every day. When exercise, you should open the window and keep the air fresh. After exercise, shower in cold water, so can make muscles tight and promote a strong and beautiful breast.

Article 3, and always optimistic.

In addition, it is the key of Sophia Loren to overcome time that full of dreams to the future and all new things, and full of enthusiasm, live happier.

After seeing this three articles, do you still think that it is difficult to slim? Of course not, so just put these into action.

18 Apr 2014

Events U.S. Military Violence Against Women

Learning about the atrocities carried out by the U.S. Military upon common women is very much essential in order to obtain crucial details in a proactive manner. Perhaps, it has become a legal act once it has been introduced helping numerous hapless women in order to save themselves from the defense personnel. Securing personal needs without going through any major issues is something that is needed the most in order to keep problematic issues away for sure. Women in need of protection need to make effective representations in order represent their preferences in an ideal manner. Seeking valuable help from the concerned organizations is something that is needed the most.

Holding Demonstrations To Display Dissent In An Active Manner

14Working professionals such as defense personnel who are expected to behave responsibly in the society by offering maximum protection to the common people, especially women, are never expected to behave in such an unruly manner. Providing maximum protection to them in an effective manner is something that is needed the most because of this careless behavior. Perhaps, there should be a legal means with which the issues could be perfectly taken care of. Exclusive features considered in this regard is something that proves to be most effective in avoiding women from going through such issues.

Launching Active Campaigns Reflecting The Plight Of Women

Displaying the helplessness of women in an active manner is very much important. Perhaps, there are organized campaigns in this context because of which helping women in an active manner is very much possible. The inclusion of numerous prospects in this context to help women so that there are no problematic issues faced in a similar fashion is very much important. Seeking valuable help to obtain the best results is something that is needed the most. Maximum protection obtained thus will help in realizing more benefits without going through any major issues.

Severe Protests Against Those Causing More Trouble For Women

Protecting the individual identity of women is very much important so that they could be provided with maximum protection whenever needed the most is very much important. The process of improving their social status too is something that need to be considered in an attentive manner. Seeking more support from other human protection organizations in an active way too is very much important. Creative ways of protecting the identity of women is very much important due to which helping them in an active manner is very much possible.

Key Facts About U.S. Military Violence Against Women

Interesting facts have been unveiled whenever heinous crimes against women are highlighted. Firstly, it is the important aspect that need to be considered in detail because of which the protection offered to women could be increased to a maximum extent. Most of the crimes are committed at those areas where military concentration is very high. Giving more support to women emotionally and socially is very much crucial for sure. Referring to the past instances during which the cases have been dealt in an active manner is something that is needed the most on an overall. Eventually, all these aspects have to be considered in detail to realize the best results.

17 Apr 2014

Facts about U.S. Military Violence against Women

Over the past few decades, increasing attention has been focused on U.S. Military violence against women. Evidence shows that violence against women is a pervasive issue within the military as it is with civilians. However, women in the military are the most vulnerable ones due to geographical isolation from friends and family, and the potential for isolation within the military culture.

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US Military violence against women is real against women is real

If we take an example of the 1991 tail hook scandal, over 100 navy officers at a convention, sexually abused and assaulted dozens of women. The worst thing is that not even a single army officer was convicted. Investigations were carried out the behavior had been approved for years. In 2004, 3 returning veterans who used to serve in Special Forces in Afghanistan abused and killed their spouses.

More than 210,000 women serve as US military with almost 60,000 female troops being deployed overseas to support the ongoing wars. In most cases, women are sent in a group of so many males making them more vulnerable.

Mostly, victims of military domestic violence are obviously women, civilian spouses of active duty personnel. More than half of the victims have been married for two years with majority of them having children. U.S Military army has shown to have increased number of domestic violence against women, followed by the marines, navy, and the air force.

A significant number of females in the military have histories of victimization. For example, among US navy recruits, 46% of females reported being victims of attempted rape, 9% completed with 36% being raped before entering the navy.

Most women fear reporting their oppressors

4Abused women in the military are mostly afraid of reporting the incidents due to the lack of confidentiality and privacy; it is also because of limited victim services. Some oppressed women fear retaliation and damage to their careers, or fear being portrayed as disloyal by the superiors. In fact, those women who report such cases are mostly intimidated, punished, or even ostracized. And after a perpetrator is reported, instead of being punished he is usually transferred to another location, given marriage counseling, and anger management classes instead of being punished.

How do US deal with military violence against women?

According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, which regulates behavior in the military, those individuals who are guilty of violence against women receive either non judicial punishment or courts marital. Examples of non judicial punishments typically involve demotions, verbal admonishments, or forfeitures in pay. Court martial are military courts that are divided into special, general, and summary court martial. Each of them has different authority and functions to carry out punishments. However, these military punishments usually anger women since they are usually unpredictable and disciplinary actions are not guaranteed.


It is about time that United States shows its commitment to improving women’s rights by taking action on this issue. These women risk their lives in service in the service of the US and so they deserve justice against their perpetrators. US military violence against women should be fought against!

07 Apr 2014